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New course
We are proud to say that the term RECOVERY OFFICER and the specialist course associated with it, is the initiative of the 4x4 Offroad Academy.  

Social Media do not hesitate to expose 4x4 recoveries gone bad, and there are many of them proving the gap in the 4x4 industry. The Advanced Unit Standard excludes Kinetic Recovery. Straight line winching is included but there are no outcomes specially listed for competency against Winching or Kinetic Recovery in any other SAQA Unit Standard.

Operating a winch or performing a Kinetic Recovery can be very dangerous. Not only will it threatened the lives of the users, but also the lives of innocent bystanders. Very few 4x4 enthusiasts are aware of the fact that the rated pulling strength of a winch equals more or less the breaking strength of the steel wire cable.  Very few are aware that a Kinetic Recovery can go wrong when you believe to apply always minimum force - because social media told you so. Actually, according to us, Health and Safety Acts are applicable in operating these type of equipment.  

A 4x4 RECOVERY OFFICER (trained by us only) is by far not a person just competent against the Advanced Unit Standard US254154. There is much more to it. By doing the 4x4 RECOVERY OFFICER course with us you will have all the knowledge and experience to perform  Kinetic Recoveries and Winching with confidence.

We list below some important points regarding the RECOVERY OFFICER and the training we provide for the candidates taking it on.
A RECOVERY OFFICER will be able to identify himself with a numbered wallet certificate which can be verified by us. RECOVERY OFFICERS do have a unique badge (red & white) which they can wear or display on their vehicles.
A RECOVERY OFFICER can forfeit its credibility and badge in the case of misconduct.
A RECOVERY OFFICER will take full responsibility for the safety of human and animal life during a 4x4 recovery operation.
A RECOVERY OFFICER will always take the environment in consideration and will apply green standards to minimize impact.
The RECOVERY OFFICER is an expert in the field of winching and Kinetic Recovering and should always be allowed to take the lead in any recovery situation.
A RECOVERY OFFICER understands that each and every recovery is unique and just to apply a simple set of basic recovery rules may not be appropriate to follow blindly.
A RECOVERY OFFICER will determine the reason for being stuck before attempting to recover.
The RECOVERY OFFICER will do its utmost to safeguard both the stuck- and recovering vehicle, but no guarantees can always be given. Stuck forces will be reduced to minimize force on the vehicle. Vehicles today are not design to take high external forces, and with stronger recover points you may end up bending the chassis. A RECOVERY OFFICER will never engage an axle difflock on the recovering vehicle or perform a recovering in reverse.
A RECOVERY OFFICER log all its actual recoveries to reflect his/her experience.
A RECOVERY OFFICER will either succeed or fail safely. It is the duty of the RECOVERY OFFICER to report to the 4x4 Offroad Academy any incident that leads to an injury during a recovery operation.
A RECOVERY OFFICER is able to estimate the strength of an unrated recovery points, taken into account how it is secured to the vehicle.
A RECOVERY OFFICER is able to make a good estimate of the force required to recover a stuck vehicle in different terrains and depths and how to match it with the safe load of equipment and how to setup the required recovering force. Calculations made take into account slope, friction in pulleys, direction of applied force, weak points, anchor points, available equipment & ratings, condition of equipment, general conditions)
A RECOVERY OFFICER will always give clear instructions and verify SIGNALS to be used amongst all helpers to prevent any misunderstanding.