The 4x4 Offroad Academy is a formal RPL assessment centre. To be a formal RPL assessment centre, you have to be accredited as such, and we are accredited to provide both RPL or Full Training.

What is meant by recognition of prior learning, is that experienced 4x4 drivers will be able gain competence without any duplicate training, and that training exercises and assignments may be waived if evidence provided proves that it is covered and that the evidence is valid, authentic, current and sufficient. Example : One of the practical requirements in our learning programme is to have a certain amount of 4x4 trail driving experience, which can be expelled if you can deliver proof of the required experience. A practical and theoretical test may be done to verify competence.

What we need from you to recognize your previous learning and experience:

(1) Valid Drivers license
        (2) Two certified copies of your ID
        (3) A complete 4x4 Resume/CV
        (4) Evidence of any 4x4 driving experience - 4x4 trails done, 4x4 expeditions done, 4x4 courses completed, 4x4    competitions attended, club related 4x4 points events, 4x4 recoveries made, etc..
How will the shortened training and full assessment be conducted and what are the processes we follow?
(1) It starts with your enrolment and submission of a 4x4 Resume - see also in house or online assessment below.
        (2) We arrange a pre-assessment meeting where we determine any disabilities and discuss possible barriers, as well as gaps within the required outcomes and ways to overcome the barriers and appropriate training to fill the gaps.
        (3) An assessment plan will be provided which has to be agreed upon.
        (4) You declare your readiness for assessment after discussion of the assessment plan
        (5) A theoretical exam and/or oral questionnaire will be taken to verify your competency against the outcomes of the unit standard
        (6) We may observe some practical demonstrations for verification purposes (an indemnity form has to be signed )
        (7) The assessor will give feedback and inform you of the outcomes , and you have the right to appeal in case of           disagreement of the results
        (8) If necessary , top-ups can be required if you are found not yet competent against some assessment criteria
        (9) Feedback is required from the candidates
        (10) The
4x4 Offroad Academy  will proceed with certification of successful candidates.

What is RPL?
RPL is the abbreviation of "Recognition of prior learning". You can get accreditation against the off-road SAQA unit standards without doing a full blown course, if you think you have sufficient experience to be found competent against the unit standards. This process is also called RPL and it has the following benefits :
         (1) Reduced cost and time to get qualified
         (2) Credits awarded to learning no matter where it was gained (formal or informal)
         (3) Eliminate the need for duplicate training
         (4) Motivate people to further develop and enhance self-esteem

Who qualifies for RPL (US254135): If you think you are a capable 4x4 off-road driver you probably qualify for RPL. Below only a guideline for persons who should consider RPL
Any one of the folowing:
(1) An active 4x4 club member or person experienced in 4x4 off-road driving for more than 5 years, which means that such person has done at least 15 4x4 trails spreaded over this period.
(2) a non retired 4x4 training instructor for 3 years with at least 15 logged training sessions
(3) A person who drives a 4x4 off-road for more than 3 years in a work related environment (i.e. Park Ranger)
(4) An experience 4x4 trail owner or person responsible maintaining the trail
(5) Any 4WD guide that has completed the Masazane course
(6) Any person that has already done a 4x4 course in the past 3 -5 years with a reputable 4x4 training company (Land Rover Experience, Herman, Nissan Taxtics, Gerhard Groenewald, ...) and that is not 4x4 retired.

InHouse RPL Assessment
Candidates who enrol for the RPL will be asked to hand in a full 4x4 resume and we will provide them with the same training manual as for a full training candidate two weeks in advance. The important chapters that cover the unit standard outcomes will be pointed out in order for them to update/review. On the day of assessment we will provide a short training session to cover topics not normally gained through experience and to assist the candidates in questions they may have. We will then put candidates through a practical and theoretical test (and/or structured interview) to complete or to verify competency. Only one day will be required opposed to the 1.5 days of full training. It will not be required for the candidate to complete the 3 assignments and two 4x4 trails (DriveOut Grading 3) before we issue the certificate.

Online RPL Assessment
This route is more or less the same as above. You will have access to all the training material beforehand : Training manual, training video clips and interaction with an assessor via a forum. (Skype, email and phone calls also an option for problem areas). The basic understanding of each assessment criteria is available on the forum. Candidates will then put through exactly the same assessment tests as for the full training candidates. The written exam and completion of the portfolio of evidence can be done online in your own time and in the comfort of your home. A practical assessment will still be carried out. No need for assignments, but we will require a comprehensive 4x4 Resume/CV which will be verified.

In some RPL cases, and in some assessment criteria, it is possible that we may waive the test baised on the evidences provided being sufficient, valid, authentic and current.

A learner will have 2 chances to improve on his marks in the case of been found not yet competent, before he/she fails. This applies for both full training and RPL candidates.

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