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The 4x4 Offroad Academy offers on a regular basis special 4x4 Workshops which are normally seasonal based.


Sand & Dune Driving at Atlantis Dunes
Special events are arranged during the rainy and summer seasons to experience both wet and dry sand.
Requirements : 4WD

Snow Driving at Matroosberg 4x4
This event is normally scheduled in August each year.
Requirements : 4WD ,
Mud Terrain Tyres or Snow chains. (minimum requirement All Terrain tyres)

Mud Driving at Boegoeberg 4x4
Scheduled for a weekend during  the rainy season.
Requirements : 4WD ,
Mud Terrain Tyres (minimum requirement All Terrain tyres)

Rock Driving
There are no better place than Johnnies Poort.  Scheduled for a weekend in Sep/Oct .
Watch the rocky hill climb at Johnnies Poort.
Requirements : High Profile Tyres, At least one Difflock or Traction Control. For Johnnies Poort we require you to have front plus rear difflock, bring along a spotter.

Kinetic Recovery at Atlantis Dunes

Winch Recovery - Johnnies Poort
Requirements : 4WD, rear difflock, 6500lbs min.
winch properly installed, Recovery point for double line winching, snatch block

Water & River Crossing at Wupperthal
Requirement :
500mm wading depth clearance

These workshops are scheduled ahead and persons wishing to attend can book below.

: All attendants have to sign the indemnity form.

An attendance certificate will be issued to all candidates.
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