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CAPE TOWN WORKSHOP - Saturday 14 Mar 2015 + Sunday 15 Mar 2015
RPL Training against both off-road Unit Standards US254135 & US254154 - recreational users only

Test : Do you qualify for RPL?
A small written or oral test will be done to ensure candidates qualify for RPL. We do this for free. If you do not pass the easy test, we strongly recommend you to rather follow the training route.
Who qualifies for RPL automatically (US254135 + US254154):
Any one of the following:
(1) An active 4x4 club member or person experienced to 4x4 off-road driving for more than 5 years, and meaning that such person has done at least 15 4x4 trails spread over this period.
(2) a not retired 4x4 training instructor for 3 years with at least 15 logged training sessions
(3) any person who drives 4x4 off-road for more than 3 years in a work related environment (i.e. Park Ranger)
(4) an experience 4x4 trail owner or person responsible maintaining the trail
(5) Any 4WD guide that has complete the Masazane course
(6) Any person that has already done a 4x4 course in the past 3 -5 years with a reputable 4x4 training company (Land Rover Experience, Nissan Tactics, ...) and that is not 4x4 retired.

We require a shorten CV of your 4x4 experience.
Name 15 routes you have done (dates, also acceptable if you have done the same route 15 times or more)
Any 4x4 certificates obtained
Proof of club membership
Proof of 4x4 vehicle ownership
Proof of business related to 4WD

Duration : 2 Days
14 Mar 2015 : 9:00 - 16:00
15 Mar 2015 : 9:00 - 15:00

Venues :
14 Mar 2015 : To be announced
15 Mar 2015 : Melkbos 4x4, 3km north from Melkbosstrand on the west coast road.

Cost : R2000.00 : Payable in advanced
Included : RPL Training and Assessment against both Unit Standards, Use of 4x4 track, Training Manual

What to bring with on 14 Mar 2015

3 x Certified Copies of ID ; 3x Certified Copies of Drivers License; 3 x color passport size photos with name printed at the back ; Signed copy of CV, black pen and writing pad, Picnic basket for lunch and refreshments for the day.

What to bring with on 15 Mar 2015
4x4 Vehicle ; Vehicle's Owner Manual ; Tyre Pressure gauge; 12V Tyre Air Pump ; Spare wheel; Wheel spanner; Gloves; Any recovery equipment you may have - kinetic strap or rope , shackles, bridles ; black pen and writing pad, 2 liter drinking water ;  Picnic basket for lunch and refreshments for the day.

Working Documents :
Training Manual, US 254135 + US254154, Portfolio of Evidence Template to be completed during the session.

Program for the Day1 :
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH BREAK

Induction  :
Welcome; Attendance; Logistics; Background OBS; SAQA; TETA; Credits; Off-road Regulation; Special Needs
Pre-assessment meeting (barriers, appealing rights, assessment plan, assessment request, indemnity)

Gap training - Theory only :
A short lecture will be given to cover only the outcomes of both unit standards. Nothing more, nothing less.

which includes all the outcomes of US254135 below
Vehicles :
Options, Power Sources, Range of features, Capabilities, Limitations (centre of gravity, approach angle, departure angle, brake-over angle, ground clearance, other dimensions), Control Systems (Brakes , ABS, ESC, TC, Anti Stall, HDC, Terrain Response),Controls and Owner's Manual.
Preparation :  Fluid levels, Lights, Tyre Pressure, Tools, Recovery&Safety&Health Equipment, Safety Features.
Chassis & Suspension : Construction types, Springs (coil-, leaf-, air-,torson bar), Shocks, Axles (solid-,independant-), Suspensions and Operating conditions
Drive train : 4WD configurations (Perm 4WD-, Part time 4WD, AWD), Clutch, Torque converter, Gearboxes (automatic, manual, semi-automatic), Transfer case, Propshaft, Axles, Final Drive, Side shafts, Locking Hubs (manual, auto)
Operating a 4WD : Regulation, Route selection, Gear selections, Using Difflocks, Driving obstacles (ascents, descents, rocks and rough terrain, water and mud, river crossings, sand driving, ditches and dongas, veld conditions, grass and cambers)

and all the outcomes of US254154 below
Off-road vs On-road driving
Passenger and Vehicle Safety precautions
4WD features in off-road conditions
4WD Vehicle preparation and behaviour in off-road conditions
Basic recovery techniques
Driving techniques applied to nature and terrain dependant obstacles

Non Driving Tasks (1.5hrs) : to be performed by each candidate
Tyre Plug Repair (through steel tread)
Explain vehicle controls, use thereof in terms of Owner's Manual Instructions
Off-road Vehicle Preparation (mirrors, adjusting tyre pressures, fuild levels)
Operating an air jack
Operating a high lift jack
Operating a winch (single line, safety, inspection, recovery points, equipment)
Setup and Perform a Pull recovery
Setup and Perform a Self recovery

Driving Tasks (3hrs) : to be performed by each candidate
Gravel Road Driving (shifting between H2 and H4, demonstrate cadence or ABS braking)
Demonstrate 4x4 Driving Skills ( negotiating obstacles in general, route selection, ascents, descents, shifting H <-> L)
Perform a Reverse Stall
Driving Sideways (30 degrees , both sides)

Homework : (own time)

Final Assessment ( 4.5 hrs ) :
(Continuous evaluation and assessment will be done throughout the practical.)
Questions and Answers session.
Questionnaire (open book - 2hrs) : US254135
Questionnaire (open book - 2.5hrs) : US254154
Special case Interview (exceptions only, if needed for confirmation)
Hand in Portfolio of Evidences.
Assessor Feedback
Learner Feedback

Certification :
2 x Certificates of Competence (one for each unit standard) : Maximum 21 working days after the workshop.
Walllet certificate.
Statement of Results : TETA time. They have a backlog.
To be collected at out offices, unless arranged otherwise.
RPL WORKSHOP US254135 + US254154
TETA Accredited Training
Enrolment : Enrol Online here