The requirements to be a  Master 4x4 Driver as set by the 4x4 Offroad Academy are as follows :
(the Master Diver's course in scuba environment is used as a quideline for requirements, as this is the first Master 4x4 Driver course is Southern Africa)

The course can be completed by a beginner in 3 years. Experience and determined drivers will succeed within 3 months time .
Theoretical presentation : 3 days fulltime
Assignments :  Own time.
Tesis : Own time
Study for exam : Own time
50 Logged drives : Own time
Practical Tasks : 3 days planned, to demonstrate ability in almost all the different off-road conditions
Closed Book Exam : 3 hours

Certificates :
1 : Master 4x4 Driving Skills - successful completion of the theoretical exam + successful submitting of all assignments
2 : Attendance certificate - successful completion of all practical tasks
3 : Attendance certificate - completion of theory, practical and Tesis
4 : Competency certificate for the Basic 4x4 Driving Skills (US254135)
5 :
Competency certificate for the Advanced 4x4 Driving Skills (US254254)
1. Theory : Master 4x4 Off-road Driving Skills course completed. Pass rate 80%
2. Assignments
3. Practical Tasks and Exercises
4. Tesis : Subject matter expertise presentation on an approved 4x4 related topic good enough to contributes to or to replace part of current study material.
5. Workplace : Completed at least 50 logged and signed 4x4 drives. Each logged drive at least 3 hours long (or 5km) and low range required.
6. Workplace : In charge of at least 5 logged and signed realtime recoveries - 3 in mud
7. Workplace : 1 logged Johnnies poort downhill drive .
8. Sound vehicle - recovery points, recovery equipment, safety equipment
9. In possession of a valid First Aid certificate
10. Competent against the off-road unit standard US254135
11. Competent against the off-road unit standard US254154
12. Not an retired 4x4 driver
13. Have a responsible attitude towards safety of passengers and vehicle and environmental conservation
Master 4x4 Drivers will :
(a) have a systematic and planned approach to 4x4 off-road driving
(b) have the ability to be in complete control of their safety at all times
(c) have excellent situation awareness and observation
(d) have a courteous attitude to all other off-road users
(e) be able to use the controls smoothly, with an emphasis on keeping the 4x4 vehicle balanced at all times
(f) be able in using the capabilities of their vehicle to the best advantage when appropriate enabling safe, unobtrusive progress

The assignment is a tesis (or research on a 4x4 related subject ) that will contributes to future learning material.
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