If you want to become a Professional 4x4 Instructor, we can offer you the right course to gain the necessary subject matter expertise. This course can be done in conjunction with the Instruction Induction course to do 4x4 training in association with us

Let me first explain how it works!
We offer the 4x4 instructors course, but not to be misunderstood as train the trainer accredited course. The course we offer has little to do with teaching, but much with gaining the neccessary 4x4 expertise.
After completing our courses, you may provide accredited training against the unit standards, but are not allowed to assess against the offroad unit standards.
For this reason, we recommends you to do the accredited generic assessor/facilitators courses as well. This is normally over 3 to 4 days - costs round about R4000 but cheaper if you do it online.

Once the candidate completed the assessor/facilitators courses, and our instructors course, we as the Training Provider, will apply at TETA to issue you an assessor number so that you can  train and assess against the unit standards, but in association of the Academy - 4x4 Offroad Academy. This mean you train and assess under the academy, and the Academy issue the certificate and do the moderation of the assessments. No one is anyway  allowed to moderate their own assessments. We can hook you up with assessor training providers.

We currently asking a fee of R600 per candidate per unit standard of the candidates you train for the moderation administration and certification . The price you asked for a course is none of our business as you still have to run your own training company.

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All Unit Standards, including the current off-road unit standards are expiring and TETA, the controlling SETA of the of the off-road unit standards will not be able to accredit any providers. All new and existing accreditation will fall under QCTO, not under the SETAS anymore.
Currently, there are absolutely no skills programme for off-road driver training under QCTO. This means that from 30 Jun 2024 no provider can do any accredited 4x4 training . This includes us and any other 4x4 Provider.
However, 4x4 Training is essential and it will never dissapear. 4x4 Training is required for fire fighters, researchers, game rangers, road construction companies, tower installers, bush clearing companies, surveyors, etc.
The way forward for accredited 4x4  training may take some time, as a new skills programme will be developed for 4x4 to fall under QCTO (not TETA).  TETA will facilitate us through this process and the current providers will join together to put together a expert subject matter team together. Because 4x4 training is our business, we have to go through this process and we shall involve all our current instructors, and guide them to be accredited under QCTO, but in association with us,  once a skill programme has been approved by QCTO.

In the light of abovementioned note, we recommend you to do the unit standards before 30 June 2024 which is the last enrolment date. The credits of the unit standards will remain against your name and that will never expire. For you to provide 4x4 training , even unaccredited, you must be at least qualified or be competent against SAQA offroad unit standards. Otherwise - the road to be an accredited instructor will take you much longer.

The instructors cost are as follows:

Level1 Instructor - To train against US254135 only : R9500 over 4 days in a group
Level2 Instructor - To train against US254154 also R9500 over 4 days in a group -
Level1 is a requirement for Level2.
We can go the shorter route, if you provide us with a resume reflecting your current 4x4 offroad experience.
In the past, specially for Gauteng candidates with pretty much experience, we offered both levels
over 4 days at the cost of R 19000 for one-on- one/two training, as we do not always have enough candidates for a group.

General Instructor Candidate Requirement
The candidate must submit a 4x4 Resume or CV reflecting his/her current 4x4 off-road experience. Beginners will not be allowed to do an instructor course.

Memorandum of Understanding - Training in association of the 4x4 Offroad Academy
A MOU wil be drawn up between after the training and when all the instructor requirements are in place. The MOU stipulates the Academy's role and the expectations from instructors. In short, the Academy will provide all the training material and do the internal moderation of all the training done by the instructors. The 4x4 Offroad Academy does the internal moderation and certification of all its associates. In return, the associates (instructors) will adopt and comply with all Academy's Policies.

4x4 Offroad Academy - Disclaimer
The 4x4 Offroad Academy does not take any responsibility resulting from a training incident by any of its associates. The 4x4 Offroad Academy does not dictate any training methods to its associates, nor does it get involved in their marketing campaigns. 4x4 Offroad Academy will provide support and guidance to its associates when asked to.

Duration of the course 4 days each instructor level.
Morning sessions from 9:00 am to 13:00
Afternoon sessions from 14:00 to 16:00
See Training Schedule
It is an option to arrange course dates to suit all candidates.

Training Venues
Practical Venues : Melkbos 4x4; Welgelegen 4x4; Atlantis Dunes; Toilets are available.
Venue for Theory will be held at 4 Jameson Ave, Door De Kraal, Bellville

What to bring with
(1). Own 4x4 vehicle with enough fuel.
(2). Protection against the weather. (hat, raincoat, sunglasses,          gumboots, towel, sunscreen..)
(3). Preferable closed toe and heel shoes
(4). Own refreshments and 1.5liter drinking water per day.
(5). Vehicle's Owners Manual
(6). Own air compressor and tyre pressure gauge

(7). Own recovery equipment.
(8). Certified copies of ID. Please  print your email address clearly on the copy.

You are welcome to bring along your spouse free of charge
. It is fine to bring along one child provided that he/she will not cause any disruptions to the instructor or other candidates during the course. Parents will take full responsibility the environment is not kid friendly.

This course is compulsory if you or your company wishes to do accredited training in association with us.
COMPETENCE (US254135, US254154, US115753)
REQUIREMENTS VEHICLE (recovery points, must be 4x4 with low range, must be sound)
REQUIREMENTS 4X4 AND RECOVERY EQUIPMENT (tyre repair kit,tyre for repair, recovery kit, compressor 165l/min; pressure gauges)
REQUIREMENTS OF 4X4 TRACK (ascents, descents, cross-axles, etc)
REQUIREMENTS OF CLASSROOM (means of display documents and presentation, toilets)
INSTRUCTORS & ASSESSOR'S GUIDE (assessment Principles, Preparation, Training and Assessment Conduct)
CODE OF CONDUCT (Trainer and Trainee)
SIGNED MOU (Agreement, Terms and Conditions)

LEVEL 1 4X4 TRAINER  -(4 days) - Price R9500
GENERIC ASSESSOR (US115753 recommended , not included)

LEVEL 2 4X4 TRAINER -  (4 days) - Price R9500
PRE-REQUISITE : LEVEL 1 4X4 TRAINER (not included )
GENERIC ASSESSOR (US115753 recommended , not included)

Level 1 Instructor : 27 May - 30 May 2024
Level 2 Instructor : 03 Jun  - 06 Jun 2024