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Company Background
4x4 Offroad Academy is formed to be the commercial training division of Offventure cc.
Offventure cc was established in January 2006, Bellville area. Offventure is the short name for Offroad- and Offshore Adventures and offer professional selfdrive and guided 4x4 off-road expeditions ( using DEAT accredited guides).

Industry Involvement
The owner of the company, Peet Hendriks, is extensively involved across the broad spectrum of the 4x4 off-road industry. Peet was the first person to be qualified as an accredited TETA assessor against the off-road unit standards and did so on 10 March 2009.

Contact us :
Landline : +27 (0) 21-913 8091 / +27 (0) 21-913 9596
Mobile : +27 (0) 72 353 2495
Fax : 086 6788 075

Who Trained us :
This is a question many ask. The answer is actually simple. The 4x4 community train us. When we start 4x4'ing, we learn from mates, ask questions, do some 4x4 courses, and look and learn how the others do it - nearly the same way as everybody else did. The difference maybe that we have started to put every useful hint and tip on paper and testing them all. With our engineering and mathematical background, we decided to approach and present the 4x4 driving and recovery training the technical way. Much more questions, research and case studies followed which leads to this Academy.

To sell knowledge that is based on facts
To keep standards high
To make you proud of the 4x4 lifestyle
To promote responsible offroad behaviour
To provide thorough and clear understanding of all 4x4 aspects
To acknowledge and encourage role players
To help develop unit standards for the 4x4 industry
Want to learn About Us - watch the following video clip - YouTube Intro - About Us