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4x4 Offroad Academy
The 4x4 Offroad Academy specializes in 4x4 Offroad Training and Development of 4x4 Standards. With first hand knowledge and skills we train from the novice to the very experienced. Whether you go off-road for work or for recreational fun our courses will equipped you with the necessary knowledge, skill and confidence to enjoy 4x4 off-road driving safely. We have green standards and respect of nature is a priority in our learning.
Professional 4x4 Training

Advanced 4x4 Recovery

Green Standards

Online Training

Introductory 4x4 Skills- R1200.00
This is a course mainly for the 4x4 beginner or anyone who just bought 4x4 vehicle he/she is not familiar with. We focus on the  vehicle's off-road features and when and how to use it safely.
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4x4 Recovery Skills- R1200.00
This is an essential course for every 4x4 enthusiast. The course will help you to get unstuck - not if, but when you do got stuck. Learn about Recovery Methods, Procedures, Points, Forces, Equipment and Ratings.
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Advanced 4x4 Driving Skills R1500.00
There are three different advanced 4x4 courses - each specialized in it's own field.
1. Sand and Dune Driving
2. Mud and Snow Driving
3. Mountain and Rock Driving
We assumed candidates already understood their vehicle and they are not a beginner 4x4 driver, and they have recovery experience.
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Defensive & Gravel Road Driving  - R2000.00
Defensive Driving -  R1200.00 - 5 hours
Gravel Road Driving - R850.00 - 3 hours
This course focus on safety both on-road and on gravel roads. Learning fields are causes of accidents, accident avoidance, what it meant to be a defensive driver, provide correction techniques for oversteer and understeer, and many other hints and tips for driving safely on gravel roads.
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One-on-One Training -  price on request
This course is aimed at candidates who wishes to do one-on-one training mainly because they have special requirements like learning their Eveco 4x4 Motorhome or they want to travel Africa and hiring a rental.
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Online 4x4 Training
- not operational yet
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GPS and Map Reading : Navigation Skills - R1200 pp
This course provides the fundamental principles of Satellite Navigation and Map reading. The candidate will understand the Geographical Co-ordinate and UTM systems enabling them skills navigate through unknown areas and to properly setup GPS units.
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Accredited 4x4 Training against US254135 - R2400 pp
This is a formal 4x4 Driving Skills course and required by most companies if you are using a 4x4 vehicle for work. The outcomes of this course is listed in the SAQA unit standard number 254135. The weight of the course is 4 credits at level3.
Duration : 2.0 days for the commercial driver and 1.5 days for the recreational driver
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Accredited Advanced 4x4 & Recovery against US254254 - R3800 pp
This is a formal 4x4 Driving & Recovery Skills course and are recommended for employees of a company using 4x4 vehicles at remote places off-road for work. The outcomes of this course is listed in the SAQA unit standard number 254254. The weight of the course is 8 credits at level3.
Duration : 3.0 days for the commercial driver and 2.5 days for the recreational driver
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Commercial & Corporate 4x4 and 6x6 Off-road Driver Training  - price on request.
Customized off-road training with special requirements at workplace. For instance off-road driving of a fire-truck with a heavy water load, or training on 6x6 trucks or Mining Companies wanting to have 4x4 training in Africa.  Normally this course is an add-on for the 254135 and 254154 unit standards for fire fighters, emergency rescue and search teams, mining and exploration companies, construction workers, etc.
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Refresher 4x4 Courses - price on request
Candidates who already done formal courses are encourage to do refresher 4x4 courses on a regular basis. This will ensure the candidates stay updated with the off-road features of new vehicles and maintain a skill specially if it is required at workplace.
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Lead a 4x4 Experience & Overlanding Skills
This course is to support the existing four wheel drive guide with essential 4x4 off-road knowledge a professional 4WD guide should have. Note : This is not the course accredited with CASHSSETA.
Alternatively a comprehensive course for the recreational 4x4 enthusiast learning Overlanding Skills which includes 4x4  Recovery Techniques, Radios & Convoy Procedures, Offroad Trailers, Gps & Map Reading and the  4x4 lifestyle in general ( Veld Etiquette, Outdoor Activities, Tread Lightly, Setting up a Camp Site, Veld Toilet, Dangers in the wild, etc )
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Recovery Officer Training - R2000.00
Advanced 4x4 off-road recovery training for the Recovery Officer who wants to offer his services to public 4x4 recoveries and to become involved in 4x4 accident investigations.
The existing SAQA off-road unit standards are insufficient as a basis for Advanced Recovery training or to be a Recovery Officer. Our curriculum includes all the necessary technical training to cover topics like strength of materials, equipment ratings, stuck force & recovery force calculations.
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4x4 Instructor Training
Invitation for 4x4 training companies to train in association with us.
If you want to become a Professional 4x4 Instructor, we can offer you the right course to gain the necessary subject matter expertise. This course can be done in conjunction with the Instruction Induction to do 4x4 training in association with us - see accredited training in association with
4x4 Offroad Academy below..
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Master 4x4 & Recovery Training - R30 000 pp
The Master 4x4 Driving Skills Course is the most comprehensive 4x4 off-road course you can get in Southern Africa.  Part of the course is the completion of a thesis and 50 properly logged 4x4 drives of a specified difficulty rating. The course can be completed by a beginner in 3-5 years. Experience and determined drivers will succeed within 3-6 months time. This course is recommended for the Professional 4WD Instructor, Recovery Officer and 4x4 enthusiast.
Modules : 4x4 Calculus, Tyres & Traction;
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The 4x4 Offroad Academy  Introductory video - YouTube Presentation 
About us in a nutshell - watch our introductory video clip

For accredited training the candidate has to demonstrate competency against the learning outcomes and will be assessed accordingly. For non-accredited training, no formal assessment of competency level is required.


Enquiries : Peet Hendriks
Mobile no : 072 353 2495


Enquiries : Peet Hendriks
Mobile no : 072 353 2495