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The 4x4 Offroad Academy specializes in 4x4 Offroad and is intensively involved with 4x4 research and the developing of 4x4 standards.  We have a scientific approach to analyze 4WD and 4x4 related activities. 4x4 Case studies are done and explained by laws of physics.  Results are then confirmed with practical load cell measurements. This provides us with first hand knowledge and skills to train with confidence from the novice  to the very experienced.  The greatest value of our training would be the correct use of a 4WD both on-road and off-road to save lives, to stay within the limits of the vehicle and to protect the environment with our high and green standards.

TETA Accredited 4x4 Training - TETA10-113

4x4 Offroad Academy is a TETA Accredited Training Provider, with full accreditation.
For the first time in South Africa, there are SAQA standards for 4x4 off-road training. This should be a relief to beginners, contrary to the past where trainers have all their own curriculum. Accredited training is of value to employers who want skills training for their staff.
4x4 Offroad Academy is also a formal RPL assessment centre. To be a formal RPL assessment centre, you have to be accredited separately as such. See RPL Training below.

4x4 Offroad Academy  Introductory video - YouTube Presentation 
About us in a nutshell - watch our introductory video clip

Commercial & Corporate 4x4 Off-road Driver Training
Customized 4x4 off-road training for fire fighters, emergency rescue and search teams, mining and exploration companies, construction workers, beach patrol units, police and military, national parks and game rangers, university and research institutions, 4x4 instructors and 4x4 training companies, 4x4 recovery officers, disaster support groups, survey companies, municipalities, 4x4 track and route builders, ...
See Basic 4x4 Driving Skills or Advanced 4x4 Driving & Recovery.

Professional Recovery Officer   Course- 
Advanced 4x4 off-road recovery training for the Recovery Officer who wants to offer his services to public 4x4 recoveries and to become involved in 4x4 accident investigations.
The existing SAQA off-road unit standards are insufficient as a basis for Advanced Recovery training or to be a Recovery Officer. Our curriculum includes all the necessary technical training to cover topics like strength of materials, equipment ratings, stuck force & recovery force calculations. Content. Information page.

Professional 4x4 Instructor Training
If you want to become a Professional 4x4 Instructor, we can offer you the right course to gain the necessary subject matter expertise. This course can be done in conjunction with the Instruction Induction course to do 4x4 training in association with us - see accredited training in association with
4x4 Offroad Academy below. Content.

Recreational 4x4 Driver Training - Full Package
This course is aimed at the recreational 4x4 enthusiast who wants it all in one package. The full package is a 4 day fun event which includes both unit standards, advanced recovery techniques, radios and convoy procedures, map reading and gps, 4x4 lifestyle learning ( veld etiquette, Camping and off-road activities, Tread Lightly, Setting up a Camp site, Veld Toilet, Dangers in the wild ).

RPL Training - RPL is the abbreviation of "Recognition of prior learning"

If you are an experience 4x4 driver, you can be credited against the off-road SAQA unit standards without doing a full blown course. This process is also called RPL and it has the following benefits :
(1) Reduced cost and time to get qualified
(2) Credits awarded to learning no matter where it was gained (formal or informal)
(3) Eliminate the need for duplicate training
(4) Motivate people to further develop and enhance self-esteem.
More Info

Lead a 4x4 Experience - for the professional 4WD Guide
This course is to support the existing four wheel drive guide with essential 4x4 off-road knowledge a professional 4WD guide should have.
Note : This is not the new OGATO course accredited with CASHSSETA. We shall offer this course very soon
. Content.

Master 4x4 Driving Skills
The Master 4x4 Driving Skills Course is the most comprehensive 4x4 off-road course you can get in Southern Africa.  Part of the course is the completion of a thesis and 50 properly logged 4x4 drives of a specified difficulty rating. The course can be completed by a beginner in 3-5 years. Experience and determined drivers will succeed within 3-6 months time. This course is recommended for the Professional 4WD Instructor, Recovery Officer and 4x4 enthusiast.
Requirements      Content

4x4 Training companies are invited to do accredited 4x4 training in association of us
4x4 Offroad Academy is also an umbrella company for many other 4x4 training companies who train in association of us. If you or your company wishes to do accredited or certified  training in association with us, and complies with our basic requirements, code of conduct, policies and standards, we can authorize you to do so. Enquiries

Pull & Kinetic Recovery Manual -
Available during 2022
Understand the full physics behind a kinetic recovery,  including the strength of recovery points,  recovery periods of the kinetic rope/strap, calculation of stuck and tug forces, inspection of equipment, equipment ratings and safe operating procedure to do it with confidence without taking out the fun part.

4x4 Offroad Reference Manual
The 4x4 Off-Road Reference Manual is the training manual for the Master 4x4 Driving Skills course. It is a live manual in that it is constantly updated to keep up with new inventions/methods and discoveries. Almost every 4x4 learning area is covered and it provides expert subject matter. The training manual has a mathematical approach and aims to back up the information provided, by making use of applied maths and physics. The theoretical models and calculations in the book are being verified through appropriate practical experiments.  Precision loadcells are used for measuring recovery forces.
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